FFBJ Autumn Networking Event

Facilitators For A Better Jamaica (FFBJ) is staging its first in a series of UK – wide networking event on Tuesday 29th September 2009 at The Gold Coast Bar & Restaurant, 40 Acre Lane, Brixton, London SW2 5SP at 7.00pm.


Following on from its recent successful ground breaking “Under the Microscope” forum, entitled: “21st Century Jamaica – A Diaspora Perspective”. FFBJ in association with its main sponsors DIASPORA LINK and TRANSPAKSHIP are hoping to build on the success of the recent forum, with its Autumn Networking event.


This event will open up an opportunity for networking; inter-trading; and to explore joint business and social enterprise / co-operative ventures and political lobbying throughout the UK and in Jamaica for FFBJ members and non-members and those who simply have an interest in promoting a positive Jamaica and the Caribbean in general.


It has been acknowledged in various quarters of the crucial role played by Jamaicans in the Diaspora, in the island social, cultural, political and economical development process.


At the 2008 Jamaica Diaspora Conference in Kingston, the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding, in his keynote address to the conference made the following remarks on the issue of dual citizenship.


“A Jamaican who lives abroad and becomes a citizen of that country, because it is convenient for them to do so [and] because there are benefits to which they are entitled. I am not prepared to accept that that person is one bit less Jamaican than I am”.


He went on to say, “There is a case to be heard that such persons ought not to be discriminated against in Jamaica in any shape or form”.  


Two years earlier [2006] at the same conference, the then Prime Minster of Jamaica, the Right Honourable Portia Simpson, said: “I challenge you to seek to broaden the scope of the Diaspora’s involvement in the development process, that is, to focus on all spheres of the country’s development needs – the economic, political, social and cultural. In doing so, it will be necessary to pull more Jamaicans in the Diaspora into the process.”

She went on to say “These persons may be willing to offer their expertise if requested to do so, but we are unaware of them. We need, therefore, to establish networks or search mechanisms that will identify and locate these Jamaicans and match them with our needs in disciplines that are key for development”.


FFBJ saw its role as very crucial across the Jamaican Diaspora communities in the UK, and internationally. FFBJ is the first independent  think tank and lobby group of its kind in the UK, in being effective in voicing and defending the interests of Jamaicans in the UK, and internationally. 
Andrea Photiou CEO  Playvybz.com: “There are many voices out there who speak about Jamaica, cohesiveness and progress; but few actually taking constructive actions as Facilitators for a Better Jamaica have been doing. I think the event is long overdue, and I’m sure it will highlight the excellent work the FFBJ members and friends do all year round to keep Jamaica in the forefront of our consciousness and at the heart of our conversations as we fly the flag in our daily lives here in the UK.





Notes to the editor:

For media enquiries or company logo, please email: press@ffbj.org / info@ffbj.org   or telephone: 07947598225/ 07515 430 471


  1. 1.      Special keynote speakers and invitees will be confirmed prior to the event.


  1. 2.      Facilitators for a Better Jamaica (FFBJ) is  the first Think Tank and lobbying group  of its kind in the UK that specialises in being an effective voice with a mandate to speak up for Jamaica and Jamaican interests in the United Kingdom, and internationally. For further information, or for a recent copy of the FFBJ newsletter, please email info@ffbj.org
  2. 3.      For highlights or video footage of 21st Century Jamaica – Under The Microscope Forum  and Yes We Can Part 2 please email press@ffbj.org
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