The branding of the Tories hopeful.

During the Conservative conference in Manchester Election candidates have been told to buy up adverts which appear if anyone searches Google for schools or other local landmarks in their constituency.

 This is interesting times where the Brand Factor is so important as everyone is out to brand and re brand themselves in some format. On facebook in recent days you are now seeing everyone moving from just inviting someone to be their friends to being their fan.

 There must be a point that the line is drawn or should there be no boundaries?

 However one can say the Conservatives have got it right as they are seeking to reach a wide cross section of voters and by using facebook and the electronic media is a step in the right direction.

 Conservative internet chief Rishi Saha said an “incredibly important” part of the coming election campaign would also be building up e-mail lists of voters.

 They were warned that to make the most of the internet’s campaigning potential they had to accept “losing control” of their material – with the viral “yes we can” pro-Obama campaign last year cited as the best example.

 I am sure the Labour and Liberals have their own strategy in this post Obama election era.

 Do you think this facebook craze and internet era will make election campaigning very impersonal? Should there be a scale down of leaflet dropping? Is that going out of fashion where everyone prefer to interface on the computer not on their doorsteps?

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