An American in London by Coulette Dobbins

As a fellow American, I was invited by a wonderful man to attend the OBV Black History Month Celebration, and boy was I ever impressed. 

 Politics have always been a passion of mine, since I was in high school.  To be honest with you, it is something that was forced on me, for causing disruption in class.  I remember so well, I was in my American government class, and my teacher, a black lady, named Gloria Watkins, pulled me and another student out of class for causing disruption.  Talk about humiliated.  She then called our parents, and to make up for our behavior we had to give a class on US Foreign Policy that was the beginning of fascination with world politics. 

 Attending the OBV was such an inspirational event for me.  The multi-ethnic candidates and political leaders were very much real, and powerful in their speech.  I cannot say I had a favorite, for I know very little of what they do, for remember I am an American, but I can tell you this much, I am determined between my schooling, and my internship a long with my other activities I have going on, I will learn more, about the different parties here in the UK, and get involved in every way I can. 

 I just want to say that seeing these “real” political leaders help me to re-determine myself to become a strong political influence when I return back to the United States.  I was quite impressed with the young attendees and their interest in and their view on change.  We do need to be the change we want to see, and it starts with ME.  All of us must remember that our children learn from us, if we do not take the time to show them how to be capable and goal-seeking individuals, how can we expect for them to be all that they can be? 

 I use to believe, especially in the US, that in order to be a political leader you must come from money and have an influential background, however, I learned the other night, that we the people, are not interested in money, or power, we are interested in a better society.  Neither money nor power can buy that, we must demand and have people work in our best interest for it.  So, I must say…. thank you so much OBV for making me see the light.   


Coulette Dobbins



P.S don’t forget to Vote!



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