A crash course in West Indian Service Men/Women role in world war 1&2

This evening  I attended the annual Remembrance Day Church Service for The West Indian Ex Servicemen/women’s commemorate their contributions to World War 1 & 2.  It was an inspiring service at St Peter’s Cathedral and it was also a short crash course in the role they played in active duties in the war and how at times they were not recognised for the great feats they performed.

 I was also reminded that they fought war on two fronts being racially  discriminated against and being called by the ‘N’ word and also fighting the enemies in the thick of war. It was also expressed that it is happening still but not on the same level and that there is the need for more people from the Caribbean or of such descent to join the army. I am of the view that is important and crucial for each and every person who are citizens of this country should not hesitate to join the army and serve their country man and this has nothing to do with the controversial war at present.

 One can only express gratitude for all these men and women and it was an honour to meet some of them and sitting at their feet even for a few moment.

  1. #1 by Shockeria Brown on November 9, 2009 - 3:44 am

    I agree with you. I was also in attendance at the COE in Cambridge Town centre at 10:30am Sunday morning and i was reduced to tears! I also agree with you that people of Caribbean decent should be recognised much more for their contributions to WW1 and 2. I also realised that they did most of the hard and dirty work that was needed to be done then. However, only Officers are commended for their bravery, etc.

    We also need to infiltrate their systems and stop joining mostly as ” non- commissioned unhappy soldiers” but as commisioned officers, of Power changing Ranks who will also help people of our heritage with the selection,joining and survival processes, and maybe then more people will be confident to join.

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