Taking one’s rightful place.

 Today was an exceptional day with so much to do and with little time. I am reminded of a poet who said slow down slow down. The snow is upon us and we are about to see another wave and it is hoped that the UK will be able to battle through this one. It is imperative that we are seen to be in a position to battle through all these conditions whether it is snow, sleet, hail or even the black wall tunnel.

One is also reminded of life and all the circumstances, battles and challenges that come our way, all opportunities to make a difference all opportunities to break through. The UK with its diverse and coming of the multicultural communities whether we like it or not will eventually become a reality.

How does one breakthrough these challenges and opposing forces? Is it in accepting one’s home and the question is what are considered a home?  Black people first, second and third generation should take comfort that this is their home and also to not see the UK as transhipment point taking them to somewhere else. This should be home taking advantage of the political system, taking advantage of civic society and claiming one’s rightful place should this not make a difference?

(C) 2009

December  17, 2009

  1. #1 by Coulette on December 17, 2009 - 10:47 pm

    I do agree that everyone should be taking advantage of the political system and contributing to a civil society, we all learn from each other, however, I have seen that the UK in general seems to conform to other countries cultures and ideologies, especially where children are concerned, i.e. allowing teenagers to get birth control and things of that nature without parental consent. In my opinion this breaks down the family dynamics. My argument is, these people chose to come here to the UK and therefore should live under the laws of this country, if the leaders of the UK cannot stand up for their country, then society has to deal with the consequences, and as individuals belonging to this civil society should exercise their voice and their right to vote to ensure some of these laws do not get passed.

  2. #2 by Ronad Dexter on December 20, 2009 - 7:14 pm

    Indeed the UK ( Great Britain) will become mulitcultural, and it is important the assimulation is paramount. GB is a sovereign country and immigrants should confrom to the laws and customs of their adopted land. Should any ethnic groud decide to practise their native customs, they shoud be within the comfine of the law. Hence I think it is ipmerative tha these ethnic groups have adequate representation, in civic and politial matters.
    I find it extermely distresing that these minority communities have inadequate representation, and within the various communities potental aspiring leaders are not given the support they need. Similarly the cummunities don’t get involved in promoting their own interest.
    As a people, in particular the Afro -Caribbean community we need to get behind our leaders/ representatives support them wholeheartedly (with out regard to political allegances)and get adequate representation. We chose to call GB home, we must get involved. We are the only ones who really know our needs.

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