Who Fights for the Poor, Young and Workers in Jamaica PT 2

Thanks for the feedbacks which have been coming through. The general view is that no one seems to be accepting these tax measures what should Jamaicans do next?
Do we accept it or do we resist it in order to seek a better tax package that includes the fat cats in Jamaica who will not be affected.

I understand now that even the disabled will be taxed down to the dead.

If the Govt want to get people on their side should they not think of these other income streams in raising revenues why not look at these other income streams…

1) Do MPs/ Ministers have to have second homes can those be given back and they get basic expenses for upkeep?

2) Should Minister’s home that cost  $60 Million  be sold and the funds put in the kitty?

3) Ministers Office lavish expenses can those is returned e.g. Tourism Industry and many others which may not have come under the spotlight?

4) Can Ministers be driven around in Lada as show of solidarity ok not a Lada but at least a Deportee…why not as a matter of fact they already have their personal vehicles? The Mayor of London and the Opposition Leader in the UK cycle to City Hall and Palace of Westminster from their homes showing how green they are.

5) Why not ” Means Test” free education and Health care so those who can afford it do pay and those who can’t afford to pay don’t pay?

6) Tax bonuses of the Fat Cats of over a certain amount to the tune of 50%

7) Stop giving these excess tax concessions to Spanish and Investors coming to Jamaica.

8) These excessive consultancy fees paid to these consultants in Jamaica should be revised or they should be taxed heavily.

Listen at the rate of how things are going there will be no Jamaican employees in the hotels or the tourist Industry as Jamaicans won’t be able to eat and pay for travel fare to go to work so they will have to import their Spanish and Indian workers…

Who protects and look out for the Jamaican workers, the young and the poor that is my question?

I don’t know what you think but if the Govt and Fat Cats absorb and feel some of the pressure then people may not be so restive at present and the tax measures should not be acceptable.

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