Give the means to fish than to give a fish!

How should Diaspora communities respond when they see before their very eyes economic crisis unfolding in their beloved homeland?

 This is not a new phenomenon and if not so, is there a blue print and if there is such a thing how do we improvise or make such blue print ours?

 For example, the Indian and Singapore Diaspora have played a vital role in the economic   resurgence of their respective countries. In working together Diaspora communities can create a similar economic resurgence in the Caribbean and further afield.

 One may ask why should I not make suggestions instead of raising awareness and asking questions, I thought about it and I could, and there are many suggestions I could give but I have tapped into something more powerful. I have realized that it is better to give the means to fish than to give the fish.

 If a nation and its people adopt a mind set in developing a strategic and critical mind in order to find the answers to their plight, rather than placing reliance on the minds of inept and bankrupt Government leadership it would go a far away in correcting many wrongs.

 Diaspora communities don’t hold the ultimate answer but is a part of the solution without doubt and should not be sneezed at. Without a doubt this is a partnership between a nation and its Diaspora community residing far a field and also very near.

 Developing countries, particularly Africa and Caribbean are used to waiting for handouts from old colonial masters- IMF, World Bank and other forms of AID.  This reliance and dependency has staggered its growth to stand on its own two feet.  Instead they look onto the west to lead the way when instead they should lead their way even in this global neighborhood.

Yes, migration has led to a brain drain but those living in the Diaspora have a responsibility to reinvest the knowledge acquired back into our home countries not just the remittances. Giving AID or tying us with bilateral trade agreements does not solve the problem; it only puts a plaster over the wound instead of healing it. .

 Strategic alliance must be fostered and encourage between a nation and it’s Diaspora community in order to free such  a nation from the yoke of bondage and neo slavery which ultimately it is appearing now that did not go at the point of independence but instead was transferred to the elites of the society of that present day. As a result such nations are recipients of the same system.

 © December 2009

  1. #1 by John on February 8, 2010 - 3:58 pm

    “Give the means to fish” sounds wonderful in principle but the reality I am afraid is far different. For one thing how will this be achieved? Each time you give the means to fish the “vultures” come and snatch it away. This is the conundrum faced by developing countries.

  2. #2 by sylbourne on February 8, 2010 - 4:49 pm

    The reality and the dream is always at times different I must agree John. But we will need to seek and find a way to bridge the gap. When One think of Haiti as a worst case scenario and how they were before even the earthquake. One will ask the question why were they not further away? Why do countries in the third world who normally have rich natural resources suffer?

    Who also would we classify as the vultures?

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