A Snowy week in Politics.

 As usual each day is interesting and more so each week is even more interesting as it compounds events upon events. Well it started off with the big freeze which is crippling the UK physically and economically according to forecasters. For me one of the highlights was the political dramas of Gordon Brown and David Cameron expounding on the term “DARLING” at question time and the leadership saga in the Labour Party, where interestingly two former cabinet members sent out emails to their colleagues to initiate leadership contest by secret ballot.

Whether one supports the Labour Party or not one cannot somehow think that on the face of it this appears to be a silly move by Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt, but looking a bit deeper you have to ask yourself this question are they both stupid people? I doubt it. In politics there is more to it than meets the eye which I am reminded of day in and day out by friends and associates as they say “POLITRICKS” and another colleague would say “ITS A CONSPIRACY”. I would not be surprised that we are on the brink of something very interesting on the eve of the general election within the labour camp.

 In closing, today I ventured out in the snow to join a team of Tory campaigners to leaflet and of course try and somehow to enjoy the snow as well. I was reminded of the sandy white beach of Negril Jamaica and tried to humour myself and my colleagues of the similarity of the white pure snow and the white pure sand of the Caribbean.

Ah well we live for another day snow or no snow, black wall tunnel or no black wall tunnel.

© January 2010

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