It was good canvassing earlier today and as usual it is very interesting listening to persons and trying to understand their issues in the local community. Why should we vote is always a key question and even further why should we vote Conservative?

Is there the need for a new politics?  

With the advent of many minor parties and more like the BNP whch  advocates a tone which does not resonate with good thinking human beings as it still makes you wonder why they are gaining support. Could it be that they are tackling local and national issues more? This takes us to the Tea Party syndrome which Sarah Palin in the USA is advocating for, will only rise as people are disenchanted with main stream politics.

Well it is only clear that there is a problem which needs fixing but how do we fix it? It is very  concerning  that while we seek change we do not throw out the baby with the bath water.
I was even thinking that while we are seeking change and for movements to effect such changes the questions need to be asked as to who are seeking such change and is there hunger for such changes?

 I am of the firm view that the search for the “New Politics will may come from new persons, new ideology and conviction in politics. New Parties may not be the answer and the rise of the independents may lead and possible fuel further levels of divisions.

One colleague answer to the plight is the call for a new civil society politics rooted in the teachings of Martin Luther King and the community organising model.  Wanting to see the mass of the people come together to develop original policy that is outside of the current limitations and lack of imagination of the political class.

 Another colleague said a new civil society reform is not going to happen before May 26th, 2010! So even as minimal the impact we should  ensure that we vote because whether we like it or not, one of these parties WILL take seat in the coming months, be it they holistically represent our views or not!vote for you preferred candidate…you may as well have voted for your least compatible. Somebody definitely will! At least then you might have the opportunity to finally effect change.

Finally, Obama America did not go the road alone, he played his part in the democratic process with his team under the leadership of change and did make a difference. But if we now move away from Obama America and focus on the UK not an Obama UK Generation but Our Generation should now aim to create a difference in the UK.

 © February 2010

  1. #1 by John Umana on March 8, 2010 - 2:12 pm

    I think all political leaders and political parties today are essentially undemocratic. Its difficult to really feel comfortable about any of them

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