Keeping up the pace

It  has been an interesting week so far, developments in Jamaica that I found myself taking the focus off  British politics and completely glued to events in Jamaica. While things are now settling down there is still a lot that needs to be done in seeing a new politics in Jamaica. It is like being trapped between two worlds.

However focusing  home and the  question is which home, UK or Jamaica? I guess UK  I am referring to now I  see Diane Abbott has put herself forward as a candidate for the Labour Party Leadership and Oonah King has also put her hat in the ring as a the Labour Party contender for London Mayor.  Interesting times ahead either way by both these ladies putting themselves forward whether or not they are successful is without a doubt an inspiration.

As for myself will be planning on following up my pledges I gave to young people in my constituency in continuing the  engage process which is such an important aspect of working with a community not just in preparing for next elections  but gosh I do need a personal assistant I wonder if that is too much to ask.

Oh yes also the Queen’s speech, I also missed that too such a shame, last year I did an article in the Big Eye setting it out from a perspective, I need to check it out as I am now hearing that the policy to scrap ID Cards will not apply to Non -EU countries.

Well until my next entry all the best and maybe next from Jamaica but will try to do so before.

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