The role of the young in a new quality of leadership.

Inspiring a Generation of Leaders @ York Castle High School

There is a round of debate presently taking place in Jamaica as to the quality of leadership that Jamaica requires at this point.

In my recent trip I entered the political fray offering solutions as a way forward and seeking to engage with young and upcoming minds to change the political direction of Jamaica along with key stake holders. A key point I mentioned as one of the way forward is for the young populace to engage in the political process cause if this not done and the elder leaders are not replaced in a process of making way for younger leaders like President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron we will see a level of Elitist Garrison? taking place.

This is a debate which will be going on for a while and one in which we are considering to hold an Under The Microscope Forums.  I am of the held view and so am many that the quality of leadership is in Jamaica and by Jamaicans comprising of the young, the older but young mind in politics and with support of the Diaspora creating strategic partnerships and alliances.

I will share with you my recent utterances in Jamaica as reported and with a recent article by Louis Moyston.  In this very interesting and crucial debate your input is also necessary and required.

I think Mr Moyston misses the point I was articulating in what I am saying. I am not one seeking a Moses to deliver Jamaica as many may desire instead I am of the view that the destiny of Jamaica rest with the young ones and why? It is simple the elders are dying out and they are bankrupt of idea and ideology  and if we are not careful they will be replaced by their children and children children hence garrisonising the political spectrum in an elitist manner and will somewhat be clone factors.

In order for the young to be a part of the solution it must be an engaging and lengthy process and will require elders to guide at the same time. The young must take back Jamaica and rise to the challenge.

So we should not be too careful of younger and brighter minds coming through as many years ago there was a young Michael Manley, a young Edward Seaga and a young Hugh Shearer so why are we disenfranchising the youths by the old guards?

If there’s no struggle, there’s no progress Louis EA Moyston Wednesday, June 30, 2010–there-s-no-progress_7742144

Vote out JLP, PNP old guard

Diaspora leader urges young J’cans to help change country BY COREY ROBINSON Observer staff reporter Monday, June 21, 2010

Jamaica like a battered wife who forgives abuser BY NADINE WILSON Sunday Observer reporter Sunday, June 20, 2010–says-Diaspora-head_7726319

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    Keep up the good work. The world needs more motivators like you with a positive attitude no matter the circumstances.

    Remain blessed


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