The Conservative leadrship has announced its plans to cut the social housing, very shortly after the child benefit cuts provoked a wave of public discontent acrsoss the country. One of the biggest opponents of the new draconic cut undertaken by the Tories is the Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson. He referred to the situation using strong words, saying that London does not want to have a situation, similar to the one in Kosovo “where we have to cleanse the poor people from the city. We do not want this to happen in London”, the mayor said. If it comes into pracitce, the new policy will force 8000 families out of central London. They will probably have to move to the suburbs, housing experts said, but there are strong concerns that there is not enough of housing space to accommodate all of them. In addition, the weekly allowence of a four-member family will be cut from £2000 to £400 pounds per week, if the inteneded reform is implemented.

 As much as the Tory announcement has alarmed those with socialist views, it has warmed the hearts of some ring-wing supporters, who view the policy, as another painful, but necessary step to cut the enormous British deficit. Interestingly enough, the plan was announced the same day when PM David Cameron had to defy Brussels’ claims for a 6 per cent raise of the EU budget – a reform, which will cost the British taxpayer no less then 900 milion pounds per year.

 Just like the child benefit cuts, the housing cuts are most likely to be an economic success, bridging the financial gap left by the previous government, but they will also be a political failure, because of their striking unpopularity among the British voters. Whether the notorious budget cuts, the biggest for decades, will cost the Conservatives their victory during the next elections is still too early to say. On the other hand it will definitely cost them the support of the public. Undeniably, the ones who will be mostly affected by this ring-wing move are the poor and vulnerable ones. But one must not forget that in a time of severe recession, even the 6th largest economy in the world is bending over the burden of thousands of people, spending their entire lives on social beneifts, while an average British taxpayer does not get anything from the state. Probably it is time for Britain to be released from the chains of the emotionally charged, but economically detrimental Labour socialism, and get back to economic rationalism.

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