High Tides on Obama


President Obama


 Almost two years after one of the most popular presidential candidates in history entered in office, the tides on President Barack Obama seem to be higher than ever. As the polls for the mid-term elections in the USA suggest and as is becoming evident, President Obama’s Democrat Party is facing a potential loss, and a resurgent victory for the Republican Party in opposition is not far to be seen. The latest results have shown the Republicans gaining House of Representative but holding on to the Senate.

 The USA is going through a tremendous political shift during the mid-term elections, since power is slipping away from the hands of the Democrats. With the President’s Party losing the House of the Representatives the question is what has made the Republicans suddenly look like winners, who have stripped President Obama’s Party not only of its political, but also electoral credibility? Experts in the field consider that US voters use the mid-term elections to demonstrate not so much their discontent with the policies of the Democrat Party, as with President’s Obama performance in office. In other words, the USA is going through a phenomenon known as the ‘opposition vote’, which is more typical for the countries of Eastern Europe and the emerging democracies.

The American public has been long alarmed with the gap between rhetoric and actions with President Obama, whose performance in office have been overshadowed by high expectations and low capacity to keep the promises. President Obama is now in the middle of his mandate, and the promises seem to far outweigh his accomplishments. The strongest criticisms come from Obama’s insufficient effort to augment the economy, and the ratification of the largely controversial and debatable healthcare reform. But probably President Obama’s biggest failure was to keep the American society unified.

  He entered in office with promises for a United America. Two years later, the ethnic, social, and economic cleavages in the American society are bigger than ever. On the more positive side, one cannot deny that President Obama’s programme was hindered not so much by poor policy-making, as by the severe economic downturn. The political and economic challenges, which the Presidency had to face for two years in office leave some hope for the Obama supporters, even with the grim prospects of the mid-term elections.

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