The Great Disrespect to Citizens of North East St. Ann

This is a letter I wrote to the Editor of  the Jamaican Observer and the  Jamaican Gleaner.

Dear Mr Editor

As one who grew up in Ocho Rios, North East St. Ann and even though I am not a resident in St.Ann much less Jamaica at this time, I still share an affinity with the area and its people and it is very disappointed that the residents and citizens of North East St. Ann are not afforded credible options in the upcoming by elections.

 Is it not discourteous to treat the residents in such a dismal way while politicians deliberate and do the numbers game saying they can’t win there?  The reasons for not running in this election by the relevant parties send a clear message that the interests of the people are not important but instead the interest of political parties and their egos are paramount. This relates also not just to the PNP, but the NDM and also the newly formed NNC which should be staking their claim in the ground.

Should not the JLP have presented a more credible candidate which is not shrouded in clouds of uncertainty around citizenship and issues of integrity translating in questionable character?  Is it not time now that high standards be set when anyone seeks political office? Therefore if they are caught in a similar situation which is in direct contravention to the constitution should they not be either barred or banned from political office?

What would be interesting  is if the residents of North East St. Ann lodge a protest vote and elect Mr Devon Evans to send a clear message to the political institution we look to see the results of this by election.


Sylbourne Sydial

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