Absolute Power for Postive or for Corruption?

Where is it written that politics has to a have elements of tribalism, partisan and fundamental disagreement with each other according to ideologies and policies?

What if politics is treated as a tool to find the answer to a nation’s plight along with other ways amidst the disagreements, is that thinkable is that possible?

Why can’t there be disagreement in the spirit of togetherness or is it that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, but who even said such saying is the word?.

What if we say power changes things absolute power do see positive reformation and positive benefits in people’s lives? Can that be so?

It is said that these ideologies exist, the powers that be seeks and destroys the harbringers of this truth, as it is in direct contradiction to their very existence. What is frightening for them is the rise of “power in truth”, over that which we have been “persuaded” to believe, their “truth in power”.


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