Don’t count your eggs

Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron

There is the saying that  “a  day is a long time in politics and a week even longer ” which can  make a major difference. Since Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech at the World Economic Summit “wake up and smell the coffee” in Davos, and prior to that with his no nonsense approach in his speech on Europe. The speech  promising to give Britons a say either in or out of Europe has somewhat give him some kudos with the British people as per recent polls.
The Conservatives have seen an increase in support since the Prime Minister declared his intention to hold an EU referendum, the poll suggests. The ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday shows the Tories gaining five points on previous polling, with Labour’s lead over David Cameron’s party narrowing to six points. UKIP’s support dropped by four points. As someone suggested David Cameron back on front seat after his EU speech but still Ed Miliband in the driving seat. Conservative 33% (+5); Labour 39% (-); Lib Dem 11% (+2); UKIP 10% (-4).

Conservative leadership bid.

Nevertheless the Government is not out of the woods yet and may not be till late 2013 early 2014 in preparing for the 2015 general elections. Of recent days there are talks about a challenge to David Cameron’s leadership by Adam Afriyie, Member of Parliament for Windsor. He was first elected at the 2005 general election and re-elected at the 2010 election. According to the mail a wealthy MP dubbed the ‘Tory Barack Obama’ has been accused of undermining David Cameron with a secret leadership bid.

Adam Afriyie

Adam Afriyie

The Mail on Sunday has learned that multi-millionaire IT tycoon Adam Afriyie is poised to stand, should a rumoured backbench revolt force the Prime Minister to resign. Two Tory MPs have told the mail newspaper they were asked to sign a letter endorsing Mr Afriyie as a leadership challenger in the event of such a contest. One said Mr Afriyie’s supporters claimed 40 MPs had already signed – though his allies deny the letter even exists. It is very unfortunate though that he has been dubbed the ‘Tory Barack Obama’ similar to Labour Chuka Umunna being also dubbed as the “ UK Barack Obama”, this debate about who is an Obama is for another debate but it points to an awakening within the conservative party on the eve of a fierce general elections which many will have the view that labour has it in the bag and are sitting comfortable which I beg to differ.

Lewisham Hospital

Going further there are dossiers of events and issues being compiled in preparation for th2 2015  election for example the propose closure of the A&E and maternity section at Lewisham hospital. There was a massive turn out at the demonstration yesterday in Lewisham in support against the closures, but while the concerns are legitimate, one  cannot help but notice  that the legitimate concerns are being hijacked by others who have varied  agendas and using the campaign  as a platform. Personally, I have a personal affection with Lewisham hospital where both my children were born, and of recent days had to dash to the A&E and was heartened that it was so close so yes there is legitimacy by the community raising their concerns and it is hoped that the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt  will make the right decision once the consultation is intact and considered.
These are just a few key issues that the government will need to be aware like  the Mary Seacole controversial proposed removal from the curriculum.  Without a doubt these  are all concerns raised and  according to how the Government handle each of these issues will determine the next government and possible the next Tory leader whether it be an Obama factor or not.

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