“Change your words, change your life”

Sylbourne Sydial

Sylbourne Sydial

This morning I  woke up and read all the negative news out there about cuts, doom and gloom and decided to post this message as follows:

“On this wonderful morning called April 1st I  could start with all the news out there but I will start with the news that you can be and it is as follows:

1) Where there is homelessness and cuts you will have houses and abundance.

2) Where there is no job you will be a creator of many jobs and opportunities. Where there is racism you will have confidence in who you are and that makes a big difference trust me.

3) In other words speak words of life that transmit positive energy not a doom and gloom buster unless you are also a Newspaper…i say create your own newspaper and write the story of your life and others.

This was not an April Fool’s day message…this is a message of life.

In essence “Change your words, Change your life”

Sylbourne Sydial (c)

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