trump__clintonI have been watching the news and following the comments on social media since the US election results and it is indeed heart-breaking as I can sense the fear and hurt in the comments. I am looking at families and friendships being torn apart and the dust has not yet settled. But one thing I sense is that it is an American wake up call! You should not have allowed this to happen. You remained passive and were on auto-pilot while others were planning your future and your destiny. Never ever should you allow this to happen again…this is your wake up call and when there is a wake up call it is not the time to moan and whine and make up noise…it is a call to action, a wake up call as it is, is the time to wake up!

 When your alarm clock sound in the morning and you jump out of bed you get cracking, you jump in the shower you get your breakfast, you are not moaning or whining, you know you have 24 hrs in the day and you will make the most of it, you work whether as an employee or self- employed…this is your wake up call.

 This is a wake up call, you don’t want Trump but you must accept the reality as you have no choice. It makes no sense to run away as that won’t fix the problem, and then you must strategize and organise collectively to take over, it won’t happen overnight and you must put God in the middle of it. Black persons who are worried and fearsome, that is not of God, have no fear as Jesus is still Lord and he reigns.

 Right now Black America, the reality has hit home that you are not really together and you must find that answer as to why? Maybe your community leaders have failed you, Trump is not the problem, Trump was never the problem, he is a symptom of the problem, America is the problem and only you can fix it collectively.

 It makes no sense to be a part of the problem by speaking down on and dooming your country.

This is my word to you all.  Stay blessed and walk good and I hope this is an encouragement.

© Sylbourne Sydial

November 9th 2016

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